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Furnace Clean and Check

Maintenance for heating systems in Chicago is a necessary service for homeowners to have done yearly. Annual Clean and Checks are done primarily for two reasons: to prolong the life of the equipment, and for the safety of your family. Gremillion Mechanical provides this cleaning service for all residential and commercial heating systems, weather it is a furnace or boiler type system.

In a residential application the customer is most likely using a forced air furnace and heating with natural gas. This is very common in most homes that have been built in the past 50 years. One great thing about these type of forced air systems is the fact that you can install central air conditioning to the home fairly easily, as opposed to the radiant heat that a boiler would use.  However, a drawback of using natural gas to heat your home is that the byproduct of natural gas is carbon monoxide.  During a cleaning of your furnace our company checks the carbon monoxide levels as well as the heat exchanger to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the heat exchanger itself.  This is the most important factor in the cleaning because it has the health of the homeowner in mind, not just the inner working of the furnace.

The rest of the furnace clean and check is pretty straight forward.  We begin by a visual inspection to make sure there is nothing wrong with the unit that stands out to the naked eye.  Then we go in and begin the cleaning and inspection process.  We check; all the safeties and switches, limits, gas valve operation, induction motor, vent piping, blower fan speed, temperature rise, heat exchanger, etc.  As well as inspection of all the components we clean the cabinet space and the heat exchanger itself.  By cleaning the heat exchanger just by pulling the burners and brushing them through you can increase the efficiency of the furnace by 20%, which restores it to the original factory conditions.

All of the above listed items can guarantee a family two things.  One, and most important is the safety of your family at night.  This is accomplished by the carbon monoxide check and the visual heat exchanger check.  Carbon monoxide poisoning kills many people every year, with the most at night while people are sleeping.  This is why we recommend that you check your carbon monoxide alarm twice a year and change the batteries yearly.  The second benefit of performing annual cleanings is that you will know that your family will be warm when you need to turn on the furnace without having issues the first time you turn it on for the winter.

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