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Most homes in Chicago use the original home chimney for ventilation of the heating system and hot water heater. Using an existing chimney is not a problem in many cases however, there are some cases when it is not applicable. If two sides of the chimney are exposed to the outside elements the original chimney with a newer furnace is a bad idea.

The original furnace in most homes lets say burns at an efficiency of 50%. Newer furnaces will burn at an upward of 85% efficiency. With this higher efficiency the furnace actually condensates through the flue pipe. This condensation takes acid through the clay liner if the chimney and will deteriorate the lining within five years. What this means is that your chimney will fall apart literally in five years.

What is supposed to happen in new installations of a furnace is a chimney liner needs to be installed. This is a stainless steel liner that can withstand the water and acid that will be forced up and save the chimney and a large chimney rebuild bill. Also, another thing that happens on most old Chicago homes is the cap on the chimney is off. When this cap is not there the rain and elements have access to drain down to your equipment. this is a problem that needs to be fixed on at least 70% of Chicago homes.

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