Wicker Park Chicago IL Heating Repair Flooding

Our first call today is in the Wicker Park area of Chicago IL, and it reminded me of a basement that we had done a job in last year in this area. This basement had flooded with water due to a sump pump failure. The water raised up the wall about 3 feet completely encasing the furnace water heater and other appliances.

By the time we got to the home the water was already pumped out and the furnace was already turned on and fried out. The board, motor, and gas valve were all shorted out and eventually the whole unit was replaced. On piece of advice in this type of situation is to shut the power off and leave it off. Immediately call a heating and cooling contractor to come and assess the damage. If the unit is let to dry out before the first start up after a flood most of the time there can be some parts that can be salvaged. This new installation of a furnace would have just been a new circuit board replacement at most. Also, warranties on equipment from the manufacturer will be void in case of water damage.

This brings me to the next point, have a backup pump and battery. At least have a backup battery on the pump in case of power outages. In this case the pump was broken so the extra battery would not have helped, but a alarm on the pump would have given warning of the failure.

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