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Furnace repairs Bucktown are generally a good experiences for the service men in our company.  The neighborhood is definately up and coming and the people are awlays pleasant.  I went to a service call in Bucktown yesterday night for a family with a little child and no heat.  When I entered the furnace room I could definately smell a burning odor in the air and knew something was definately wrong with the furnace.  I told the customer that I was glad they had called me because the blower motor in the furnace cabinet was completely burned from a fire in the cabinet and if the power was left on any longer it would have caused a greater electrical fire in the room.

With further diagnosis I of what caused the problem I could see that the filter was completely colgged and the unit was extremely dirty.  When a gas fired furnace is neglected for so long and layers of dirt and dust form there is always a chance of a fire.  Especially if the motor’s back side is covered with dust.  On this back side is where the motor cools itself with the help of air flowing through the openings.  If these are blocked then the motor overheats and often can cause a electrical fire in the cabinet.  Luckilly the fire only burned for a second and the metal furnac cabinet kept the flames in.

The motor the unit needed was a 1/2 H.P. motor, which we had carried in the truck.  We installed the motor and performed a very much needed cleaning on the unit.  This was something that could have been completely avoided if we had done a preseason cleaning on the furnace.  I spoke with the customer and we began a maintenance agreement for our company to come out each year and make sure everything is safe for the season. 

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