Ukrainian Village Heating Repair

We were in Ukrainian village for a heating repair on a older home with a forced air system.  The unit was trying to turn on with it cycling on and off.  It seemed like a bad pressure switch or a clog in the pressure switch line from switch to the induction motor.  As I went furnther into the diagnosis of the equipment I noticed that there was a noise coming out of the inducer moton on initial startup.  This noise seemed like there was chuncks of something flying in the flue pipe.  When I opened up the flue there was chunks or mortar in the piping.  Needless to say the chimney had collapsed in and the flue gases were not escaping properly causing the system to not work.

This was a safety feature of the unit which would not allow the furnace to run when the pressure switch does not close the circuit.  When this happens most of the time it is time to call a heating and cooling contractor to come out to your home and service the equipment.  In this case since the chimney was collapsed we needed to add a chimney liner and had to tuckpoint the chimney.

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