Wicker Park Furnace Installation

A customer of mine called me and asked me to move the existing furnace and ductwork in her laundry room to make room for a side-by-side washer and dryer instead of a stackable one.  This was not an easy task due to the size of the room and how the ductwork had to be installed.  The only option that I could see was to hang the furnace from the ceiling. This home was a lot type comdo and had 15 foot ceilings so the job looked possible.  I knew before the job began that there was going to be some challenges and that I really needed to plan perfect in order for it to all work out.

The first part of the job was to remove the old furnace, ductwork, and refrigerant lines in order to make floor space room.  Keep in mind that this room is only 7X6, so there is not much room even with all of the possible floorspace.  After removal of the furnace, the return drop, and other ductwork the planning began.   I needed to cap off were the original return ductwork tied in with the panning for the return.  Luckilly the return panning was in the perfect spot so when I hung the furnace we could tie right into the old panning.  What we had to do now was measure everything perfectly and make our cut into the panning and the new furnace. If we made any of these cuts incorrectly the whole unit would not fir as planned.  We set the unistrut in the ceiling and hung the fornace from it.  Our cuts ended up being perfect and the unit was lined up properly, phew.  Next we make supply plenum and tied into the 12″ supply ductline, which was fairly easy.

After all the ductwork was done and everything was hung we began doing electric, gas pipe, flue piping, etc.  The rest of th ejob was fairly straight forward, but working in a small room always has its problems.  Only one man could be in the room at the time and there was three of us on the job, bad planning on my part.  We finished the job in two days and the customer could not be happier.

New furnace installations like this is no easy task.  Having to hang the furnace and make planning for everything while still moving forward is a hard thing to accomplish in such a small area.  With that all said we finished the job and the customer could not be happier with her new furnace, and the much needed space for the washer and dryer.  However, I am going to take a little longer to bid the job next time. I give great prices on jobs, but this customer got a deal of a lifetime.  Im not too worried about it, I am just glad the customer is happy.

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