Before You Call for Furnace Service in Streeterville

Your sitting in your home and you notice that it’s getting cold.  You look at the thermostat and notice that the room temperature is 67 degrees and you have the heat set for 74 degrees.  So you start looking for a heating repair service to call, but before you do you should look at some simple things you can do before you make that call.

First thing is to never do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.  That is to say that some people will gladly disassemble everything they see, even if they have no idea what they are doing.  On the other hand you have people that don’t even want to remove a screw or two.  This post is for those people somewhere in between the aforementioned people.

In our last article we gave a general description  of the sequence of operation of a simple home furnace.  It’s good to understand the basics of the operation of the furnace so you have an idea of what your looking at.  Some of components we talked about in that article will again talk about here.

Many times the most obvious things to a service technician is anything but obvious to the common homeowner.  Like looking at the thermostat to make sure the temperature setting is actually appropriate for the furnace to turn on.  When looking at the thermostat there are a couple of setting to look at.  Make sure the selector switch is on heat and the temperature settings is at least two degrees higher than the room temperature.  Most thermostats need a minimum of two degrees difference to work.  This step is the same for analog or digital thermostats.

So that wasn’t the problem.  Next go to the furnace and there should be a switch that looks like a light switch on the side of the furnace or very close to it.  Make sure that that switch is turned on.  Some people will tell you that if your digital thermostat shows the room temperature that the user switch (switch on the side of furnace) is on.  This is not true as your digital thermostat will have battery backup so you don’t loose your setback settings if you loose power to the furnace.  While we are talking about making sure your furnace has power, go to your circuit breaker box and make sure all of the breakers are pushed towards the center of the panel.  Look carefully at each breaker because even if the breaker tripped, it may look as though it is in the center but is not quite in the center and is really not allowing power through it.

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