Blower Motor Not Working?

The first call of my day turned out to be a blower motor in a furnace being bad.  When the motor turned on and ran it did not make any abnormal sounds or seem to have any malfunctions.  However, after about five minutes the motor began to give off a high pitch squeal while running and it was apparent that the motor needed replacement.  This unit was about six years old and had never had any maintenance since the original install date.  This was obviouslly the problem by looking at the motor and seeing all of the debris clogging the cooling vents in the motor assembly. 

Most of the time when I speak to customers about an annual maintenance of the heaitng and cooling equipment in their home they look at me like it is a scam.  The annual mintenance of the heating and cooling equipment in your families home is 100% well woth doing.  It not only lets you know that your equipment is working before the cold Chicago winters, but also tells you that I approve the equipment to be safe for you and your family.  This approval is the same approval I would give my mother an father on their home.  I do not want anyone getting sick because of a furnace fault that could have been avoided.  This type of malfunction on the motor could have been avoided if the vents were cleaned out during an annual furnace inspection, and there would have been no cold nights without heat.

Because of theese types of problems I recomend to have an annual furnace maintenance performed on your heating equipment to keep your family and home safe.  I do this type of inspection on my heating and cooling equipment so I feel my customers should do the same.

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