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I was having a nice Christmas evening at home when I get a phone call for service in the Lincoln Park area.  I told the customer that I would be happy to come and look at the problem they have with the heating system but there are some things they could check themselves and possibly save them a very expensive service call.  They insisted that I come and look at the furnace since the furnace ran but it was getting cold in the home.  Being that we offer 24 hour service I had to leave my family and drive to Lincoln Park area for the call.

Once I arrived I noticed that the home was still warm, and the thermostat said it was 70 degrees in the room and the heat was set at 74 degrees.  I asked the homeowner if this was the problem.  She seemed to get upset about me asking that question but did confirm that the home at 70 degrees was too cold for her family and quests.  I asked her to show me the furnace and after quick examination watched the unit start up and run for a little while then shut off on a safety.  I shut the furnace off and removed the furnace filter, finding it totally clogged with dirt.  This was the problem with the unit and after replacing it with a new one the temperature in the home reached the setting on the thermostat.

The homeowner was very happy that I found the problem and was able to fix it.  She could have avoided any discomfort had she just followed the FREE advice I offered her over the phone. Gremillion Mechanical always asks the client what the issue seems to be and tries to help clients resolve the problem over the phone before dispatching a technician for service.  In this case, I would have easily directed her to the problem.  Even though she did not have a replacement filter in her home, she could have removed enough of the dirt on the filter to allow the furnace to function normally.  This problem was caused by a non existent maintenance schedule and could have caused other problems to happen.  When the fan can’t pass enough air across the heat exchanger, a safety stops the furnace from getting too hot.  This safety is called the high temperature limit and in this case would reset itself after the furnace was off for a little while and cooled itself down.  Many of these safeties are manual reset types and after they trip need to be reset by hand.

Gremillion Mechanical will always be willing to dispatch a technician to your home when you need us, but I would have rather spent my time with my family on Christmas in this non emergency case.  So if you live in Lincoln Park, Magnificent Mile, River North, Streeterville, Old Town, Up Town, South Loop, Printers Row, Ravenswood or any area in Chicago remember that Gremillion Mechanical is here to help you.  I mentioned earlier that we always try to help you help yourself over the phone first.  This is only one of the ways Gremillion Mechanical offers our clients the best customer service in the area.

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