Truesteam Humidifier Installation

Humidifiacation in Chicago is always a big issue, especially with homes that have only one system for a large space.  In these homes that are about 3000-3500 sq. feet most humidifiers on the market can not handle that amount of home space.  I know in my home on the really cold days I am as dry as can be, and I have the largest humidifier possible at the time that I had installed it.  Well, needless to say, a new humidifier is on the market that can hamndle almost anything that Chicago’s winters can throw at you.

This new humidifier is called a truesteam humidification system.  What this does is actually inject steam into the ductwork instead of adding more humid air.  This can create unbelieveable amounts of humidity to the home, while using half of the water that other powered humidifiers have.  I ran into this humidification system while working in a beautiful home in the south loop.  All in all this home was a 12,000 sq. foot mansion with the same humidification problems that everyone else in Chicago has. 

The homeowner called me, on a referral from her sister, to come by and look at the furnace in the basement.  This furnace controls the first two floors with heat and other systems to control the rest of the home.  The unit that needed to be serviced was a carrier infinity system, the top of the line carrier product.  The electronic control module on the furnace motor was not working.  I diagnosed that the module needed replacement and I explained to the customer.  In this case the customer was more interested in the unit working in order to humidify the home than heat the place.  At this point they were using the radiant floor heat to heat the home and liked that much better.

After replacing the motor the customer asked me if I could do anything about the humidity in the home.  The humidifier he currently had was not powerful enough to provide humidity for such a large space.  I had just heard of this new product called truestema and showed him some literature.  We decided to go with the largest Truestem unit they had and in stock and installed it on teh unit itself.

The Truesteam was pretty easy to install, all it needed was a hole to be drilled in the ductwork and a bracket installed to the duct.  The unit hung off the bracket and just plugged into an outlet.  The only problems I had was with the controls on the unit.  Luckilly the furnace had a thermidistat on it which was able to control everything and more.  The unit worked perfectly and was able to bring the home to the proper humidity and keep it there.  This was a fun install and I was happy tho make the customer happy as well.

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