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Heating and air conditioning repair in the different neighborhoods of Chicago is what makes being a service technition great.  I get to go around to all these areas perform my service calls and get a great lunch from one of the local businesses.  The service call that we had today was actually in a restauraunt in the China Town neighborhood of the city.

This resturaunt did not have very good roof access for us to service the commercial rooftop units that powered the buildings heaing and cooling , so we had to pull out the 28′ ladder to gain access.  Once on the roof I noticed that all of the units were Ruud rooftops that had to be at lease 25+ years old.  Just about every unit had something visibly wrong with it, but we were only there to service a specific unit.

Rooftop Installation China Town

Finding the correct unit on a large roof is sometimes very complicated to do.  There are noormally a lot of units and they are not normally marked very well.  What I like to do is bring a helper and have him cycle on/off the fan on the unit a few times until I can find the correct one.  There are other ways, such as shutting the breaker off and looking for the unit with no power, but the first way I described works the best for me.

After we located the unit the challenge begins.    I knew that I had high and low voltage to the unit since the fan cucled on/off, so I can rule out that in the equation.  Next I shut the unit power off from the disconnect and removed the low voltage wiring from the board.  After that was completed I put a jumper wire from the “R” terminal to the “W” terminal and put the diconnect back in to give power back to the unit.  This will begin the heating cycle for the unit.

When the unit started up I noticed that the draft induction motor was humming and not spinnning as it should.  I was able to cohearse the motor to start up and the unit went through its cycle and began working properly.  I then shut the unit down to see if the motor had just seized up once and would continue working again when it came back on.  There was no luck in that unfortunately, the motor did the same thing.

The motor had to be replaced on the unit and it was not a cheap part.  I spoke with the customer and told him the repair costs with what needed to be done.  After about a hour I got a call from the owner to just change out the unit completely.  This was a much larger cost than just the inducer motor, but the owner explained of having problems with the unit every year and just wanted to feel he had a proper working unit for the years to come.

We hired a crane and installed a new rooftop unit the next day.  With the unit plans for the curb matching up perfectly it only took us about five hours to complete, and they once again had heat for their customers.  Gremillion Mechanical provides sales, service, and installations of rooftop and commercial units in China Town and throughout Chicago.

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