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Heating and air conditioning repairs in De Paul Il are one of our specialties. We provide expert sales, service, and installations to all De Paul residents and businesses. If it is commecial or residential heating or air conditioning repairs there is no doubt that we can help you, and do it today. Please call Gremillion Mechanical for immediate assistance at 773-234-4575.

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At a call in De Paul this past January weekend our company came across a very old gas fired forced air furnace that was in terrible shape. There was multiple problems that had to be addressed before we even began to figure what happened with the unit. At first glance I noticed that the unit had no flue pipe attaching the furnace to the chimney, none at all. This was so dangerous for the homeowners health and they were completely unaware of it. I explained that a by-product of natural gas burning was carbon monoxide and is not only hazardous in the long term but can kill you very easily.

Before I repaired the vent piping, in this De Paul home, I wanted to see if I could find the cause of the unit not working at the time. I looked at the unit and could see that some of the wires had melted together and blew the breaker to the unit. I rewired the melted wiring and turned the breaker back on. The pilot light was still lit so I cycled the unit on to determine why the wiring was fried. It looked like the wiring just got in the way of the burner assembly and melted together so that part of the problem was easily resolved with some wire ties and pulling the wire out of the way.

After the wiring issue had been resolved I turned my attention to the missing vent piping. What this vent piping did was take the flue gases out of the furnace to the chimney and up out of the home. This was an important part of the whole system. The only thing that they had going for them was the fact that the basement was very poorly insulated and had a good draft to take out the fumes. On newer homes that are very sealed and well insulated with good windoes this becomes exponentially greater of a problem.

With about ten feet of 4″ flue grade vent pipe we were able to get the unit running properly. We sealed around the chimney opening in the basement with cement and used metal hangers to hold the vent pipe and ensure it not falling and getting thrown away again. I checked the chimney outside and amazingly it had a chimney cap on it. The one plus in this whole job was due to that for the customer. We wouldn’t want all that new vent pipe getting ruined by rain and snow falling down the chimney.

We ran and tested the unit in this De Paul home and everything seemed to be working properly. Problems like this are common to this area due to the age of the homes and disrepair that most are in. Please call Gremillion Mechanical for any heating and air conditioning sales, service, or installations. 773-234-4575

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