Pilot Light Out in Old Town Chicago and How to Re-Light

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I had recently done a job in the Old Town neighborhood in Chicago.   When I arrived at the call I noticed that the unit was an older model and had a standing pilot type of ignition system.  I asked the customer if they had tried to re-light the pilot and they looked at me clueless on how to do that.  This is when I realized that things which seem simple to me are not as easy for people that are not in the heating and cooling industry.

Having a standing pilot gas valve is where a pilot light is lit at all times using the flame of the pilot to heat the thermocouple and let the gas valve know it is safe to turn on.  On the main gas valve there is a knob with three settings: on, off, and pilot.

To light the pilot follow these steps:

!.  Turn gas valve knob from on to the pilot position.

2.  Next push down the button on top of the gas valve which is usually a red color.

3.  With that knob being pushed down put a lit match next to the pilot valve.  This valve can be located by following the copper colored wire from the valve to where it ends , this is the pilot assembly.

4.  After the pilot is lit, keep holding the red button for about 45 seconds.  Release button and pilot should stay lit.

5.  If the pilot remained lit turn gas valve to the on position.  If the pilot shut down there could be other issues with the unit other than a pilot just going out.

This is a pretty basic step-by-step guide on how to light a standing pilot gas furnace.  If you have any questions or need to schedule a service call please feel free to contact us at 773-234-4575.  We will be glad to help anyone over the phone or come over today for a service call.  Old Town furnace and heating repairs is our specialty, so call today and we will be there soon after.

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