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Installation of a thermostat in a home is a pretty simple task and can be performed by most homeowners.  The wiring in a thermostat is low voltage as opposed to high voltage and can be handled pretty safely.  Im not saying to touch the wires with your tongue, but by being careful this job can be performed pretty easily.  For this installation you will need a few basic tools.  Gather this list as well as the thermostat and we can begin the installation process.

Tools Required:  Small phillips and straight blade screwdrivers, wire strippers, level, large phillips and straight blade screwdrivers, and thermostat to install.

Thermostat Installation Chicago

First of all we want to turn off the power to the furnace.  This is normally accomplished by a light switch mounted to the furnace itself that can be turned on/off.  Flip switch to the off position and look to see if the furnace turns off and any lights on the furnace have shut off as well.  To test if the furnace is off go to the thermostat and turn the furnace to heat and see if it cycles on, if not continue through the reading.  However, if the furnace does turn on go to the breaker panel and located the breaker for the furnace and turn off.

Next we want to remove the old thermost from the wall.  By pulling off the front plate you can get to the screw holes that hold the base on the wall.  Remove the two screws that hold the base on the wall and pull base away from the wall.  There will be four wires that connect to the base with little screws, this is where the little screwdriver comes in.  Losen the screws and take off the four wires.  The wire colors will be Red, Green, White, and Yellow/Blue.  These wires go from the furnace to the thermostat and allow communication between the two devices.  All the colors correspond to different operations that can be performed by the thermostat and are as follows: Red=Power 24V., Green=Fan on/auto, White=Heating Cycle, Yellow/Blue=Cooling Cycle.

Take the new thermostat out of the box and seperate the two halves from each other.  Take the base and put the wires through the hole in the middle of the base but do not connect to base yet.  Take the base and set against the wall.  With a level make sure that the base is straight and use a small phillips screwdriver to mark the holes for mounting.  Take the base off of the wall and set aside.  Use the little screwdriver as a hole punch through the drywall.  You could also use a drill but a small screwdriver seems to work well to make the holes for the anchors that come with the thermostat.  When holes are made round out a little with the screwdriver and set the anchors into the wall.  Put the wires through the back hole in the base and set the screws that hold the thermostat to the wall. 

The last part is to connect the wiring to the thermostat base.  With the wire strippers cut all four wires to even length.  Then strip the wires back about 1/4″.  Take the wires and put them into the color coordinated hole on the base.  For example the red wire will go to “R” and so on.  If there is a “RH” and “RC” you need to keep the jumper provided in there for power in the cooling and heating cycle.  Install the batteries and front plate and you will be finished with the installation.  Turn the furnace switch back on and enjoy the new thermostat.

If you would like us to come and install a thermostat for you please feel free to call us at 773-234-4575.  Also, if you just need some help over the phone we can provide that as well free of charge. 

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