Chicago Basement Flooding and Effects on Furnace

Basement flooding is a big problem in Chicago after these long months of winter.  What happens year in and out is the Chicago winter snow melts causing the water to overfill the sewer systems and basements flood.  This is a big problem for multiple reasons, however the ones I will speak about is the effects on the heating and cooling systems of the home.  Also, make sure to be prepared for the snow melt by checking that your sump pump is working properly and the well is clean of large debris.  If you dont have a back-up pump or battery system it might be time to install one.  This is a service that our Chicago heating contractor office will be happy to provide any time.  Please call for immediate sump pump back-up system installation.  773-234-4575

Sump Pump Inspection Chicago

After a visual inspection of the pump and well make sure all of the return lines from the pump is in tact and the backflow valve in in line with the drain line.  This is an important visual inspection that needs to be checked and is many times overlooked.  Chicago sump pumps are notorious for having installation issues and can fail at any time so it is very important to check your Chicago homes pump at least twice a year.  Now if your pump does fail this is the article you need to read to save your home heating system.

Save Your Furnace From Permanent Damage

When a Chicago basement floods it is never a good thing.  Everything gets wet and moldy, including your furnace.  If you furnace is on bricks that are 2″ tall this does not give you much room for water to rise and start affecting the blower compartment of the furnace.  In the blower compartment you have two electrical components that are used for the home heating furnace.  The two are the furnace blower motor and the furnace circuit board.  If either one of these get wet it is not good, but total destruction of the furnace is not eminent.

The steps that you need to take to save your furnace are easy.  First, shut down the power at the breaker for the Furnace.  This is very important, and under no circumstances do not turn it back on to run the furnace.  Second, open up the lower compartment to the furnace and dry out the water with a rag, wiping down everything twice.  If the water from the basement flooding got on the blower motor dont worry, this is a component that if it gets wet will still run later.  Third, if the circuit board is in the lower cabinet and is wet it will need to be dried off.  This in most cases will be bad if it gets wet, but if never turned on after flooding there is a better chance it will work.  Finally, keep all the doors off of the unit and blow a fan on it, use two fans if you have them.  By doing this it will dry out any excess water in the furnace.  Do this for about a day to dry everything out completely.

Now turn on the breaker and set the thermostat to heat.  If the unit works you have just saved a good amount on service fees.  If it does not work, well you tried and probably saved at least some componets of the furnace.  In this situation we can provide expert heating and furnace advice.  Call us for a service call on the flooded Chicago furnace and we can schedule a furnace service call the same day.  Or if you dont want to even deal with it we can come by and help you save some of the furnace parts and get your families heating and cooling system working properly.

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