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Heating and air conditioning repairs in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago has never been easier.  Our heating and cooling service repair techs. have decades of experience in problems that occur in these Chicago homes.  Weather it is residential or commercial sales, service, or installations we can handle it all.

Our first call today was in Lakeview Il in an old two flat.  The home had been rehabbed about six years ago and the couple had told me that there has always been problems associated with the unit.  At first glance I was able to see many problems with the installation of the unit.  It was a 90% efficient furnace that was in an uninsulated attic which is where most of the problems stem from.

The problem with having a high efficient furnace in the attic is the fact that the high efficient furnace condenses.  After the condensed water flows down the exhaust vent pipe it needs to eventually drain out of the draft induction motor.  This water then drains to a house drain.  when the furnace is in the attic this water can begin to freeze.  Especially on really cold Chicago nights this would cause the furnace to have many different problems.

The customer had explained to me all the different noises it would make in the night and the different symptoms of things that it would do.  This is the typical symptoms of having the components of a 90% efficient furnace in a freezing attic.

High Efficient Furnaces Lakeview

I explained to my customer that there needed to be an insulated room built around the furnace and the radiant heat from the furnace would keep the room above freezing temperature.  After a recommendation of a carpenter by me the customer has not had any problems.

This is one of many things that can happen when hiring a contractor to do a rehab of a home.  Most of the time it is the contractor that comes in with the cheapest bid that wins the job.  At Gremillion Mechanical we provide expert installations of all heating and air conditioning products and materials.  For immediate service or a free installation estimate please feel free to call.  773-234-4575

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