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5 Reasons For Air Conditioner Maintenance


Maintenance of an air conditioning system before the summer is very important part of the beginning of the summer.  This is especially true to the homes in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, due to the fact that most of the air conditioning systems are getting to the 10 year + range.  Most of my new customers have never even heard of furnace and air conditioning maintenance, but it is an important yearly process that can prolong your equipment life to double.

Our shop services the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago and we try to get all the maintenance done in this area before the harsh summer begins.  So I wanted to put this top five list of reasons for air conditioning and furnace maintenance.

  • Air conditioning systems that are in the later stages of their life have a tendency to leak freon in one way or another.  Sometimes it is in the caps where the refrigerant is checked and filled, and sometimes it is a larger leak that happens one summer and the next the unit is empty.  In either case when a system is not properly charged with refrigerant the compressor in the A/C unit has to work harder.  When this happens the amps of the compressor raise and th compressor will eventually fail.  Also, inside the refrigerant is oils that lubricate the compressor and when there is no freon ther is no oil.  The compressor works like a car engine, with a piston, to compress the freon vapors to liquid.  You would not run your car with no oil would you?
  • The fins on the air conditioner act like a radiator in a automobile, but instead of cooling antifreeze you are cooling the liquid refrigerant and transferring heat.  Heat transfer is the name of the game in a properly running air conditioning system.  When the fins get clogged with debris, or the deadly cottonwood plant, it can’t transfer the heat properly.  This needs to be cleaned from the inside out.  Now you are saying “can’t I just clean from the eoutside with a hose” and the answer is “no”.  This will push the debris into the condensing couil and cause more problems.
  • Animals in the winter could have nested.  Many times there are squirrels or other animals that make a home out of the air conditioning unit.  When this happens the urine of the animal gets on the coil and eats the coil away.  I see this happen many times and it definately is avoidable.
  • A broken condensing fan motor.  When you have a motor in the elinments all winter long thinsgs are bound to begin to wear out, rust, adn break.  If the condensing fan motor were to break the indooe evaporator coil would freeze.  When this happens the coil then needs to unthaw.  During this unthawing process al the parts in th efurnace get wet and then ruined.
  • Dirty filter or indoor coil.  During the annual maintenance we make sure that the filter and indoor coil are clean and clear.  What happens many times is that a heating company will come in and service a unit that is not working properly.  Without checking the indoor coil they think the freon levels are off and adjust them.  The adjustment was not necessary though because the loss of airflow changed the freon readings on the gauges outside.

This is not all that is inclusive during an air conditioning clean and check up, but some good reasons to perform them yearly.  If you would like to schedule a yearly maintenance or need HEATING or AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR or MAINTENANCE please call and we will be happy to help our neighbors.  773-234-4575

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