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Finding a trustworthy heating and air conditioning in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago can be  a hard thing to do.  Hyde Park is in that area where heating and air companies in the south don’t go that far north and companies in the north don’t go that far south.  We are proud to say that we have Been serving Hyde Park for over a decade.  Specializing in air conditioning and heating repairs in Hyde Park we know our way around and how these systems work.

HYDE PARK EMERGENCY SAME DAY REPAIRS 773-234-4575 Emergency repairs in  Hyde park 24/7/365.  Since we are located right down the street from Hyde Park we are able to provide service 24/7/365.  Same day service calls and Estimates for new Heating and Cooling equipment are free


Homes in Hyde Park are very big, beautiful, and let’s face it Old.  With the age of these homes comes the old systems used for heating and cooling them.  In many cases the homes have not yet been upgraded and use a Boiler type heating system with radiators.  Boilers with radiators are a good way to heat the home, but have some big disadvantages.  Here’s a list of the three biggest.

  1. There can be no central air conditioning system with a boiler.  This means that one out of five windows in your home will have a window air conditioner in it.
  2. Boiler with a radiator system produces a very dry heat, and there is no good way to provide humidification.  You can put central humidifiers in your home but in many cases they do not work very well, and you have to fill them up with 5 gallons a day-every day.
  3. There is no air filtration of the air in the home.  I recommend to my customers with central heating and cooling to run the fan constantly in the home,  this filtrates the air and provides a much healthier living environment
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