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Freon leaks in air conditioners are very common to the Chicago area.  This is due to the dramatic winter to summer temperature changes and the high usage during the hot Chicago summer months.  In the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago I had more calls last summer for freon refills than any of the other neighborhoods in the area.  I can only guess that the reason is due to the abundance of condo units and apartments  in this area, and how most of the air conditioning units are on the roof.  This gives the air conditioner more exposure to extreme elements due to no protection from trees and other objects.

Air conditioner freon leaks have two problems associated with them.

  1. It’s difficult to refrigerant leaks in the system. 
  2. What to do when we find the freon leak.

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Lets bigin with the fist problem stated above, finding the refrigerant leak in your A/C system

-Let’s make a analogy O.K.  Say the freon that is in your air conditioning system is like the faucet in your home.  Now if you never used that sink, ever, no water should come out.  The refrigerant in a system is like an unused faucet.  There should never be any reason you should have to put freon in the air conditioner.

-So lets now think about a faucet in the home that no matter what wont stop dripping, very slowly.  This is the normal type of leak in an air conditioning system.  It flows out very slowly and over time much of the freon is gone and guess what, your house does not cool.

-There are also leaks like when a faucet is on full blast, however something catastrophic in the system normally happens.  In this case you already know you have a problem.

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Having  said think about a very small hole in the system that has leaked over the past three years.  Every year less and less freon is in the system until the point where it will not cool anymore.  This small hole is what we as heating and air conditioning contractors have to find, and its not as easy as it seems.

As a professional heating and air conditioning contractor our company has top notch detection meters that facilitate us in finding leaks in the system.  This is a really great tool and makes the process much quicker than other means of finding a leak, and saves you money.  However leaks are not always in the best places.


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There are two main coils in a split system type of air conditioner and a main “line set”.  There is an evaporator coil that is located above a furnace or air handler, and a condensing coil outside in the A/C unit.   Along with that there are two copper lines (lie set) which transfers the refrigerant between the two coils.  The best case situation the leak is in a poorly brazed pipe and can be easily touched up, but in Buildings with multiple floors the leak might be in the lines which are not accessible to fix.  I will go in more depth about this in another article.

O.K. now we found the leak, what to do?  This is a dilemma and will be a shorter answer than the last.  If there was a leak in the inside coil (evaporator) it would need replacement.  If the freon leak is in the outside coil (condensing) the whole unit outside would need replacement.  By chance the leak was in the lineset and was not accessible there are sealing products on the market beu that is the last resort.


If replacement is not an option for the customer at that time we would just fill the system back up with freon, usually R-22 in Chicago.  This is not recommended by me or most other heating and cooling contractors for a couple of reasons.  One, the refrigerant going into the atmosphere and ruins the ozone layer.  Two, Every year the customer has to fill on freon and after 10 years a new system could have been purchased.

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