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Energy costs in the hot Chicago summer months can be astronomical and can break the bank in the really hot months.  This can’t be avoided if you want to use the air conditioning to during the summer to keep cool, and heat is a must in the freezing Chciago winter months.  Since though there is no way to get around heating and cooling your home you need to find ways to save on unnecessary energy losses.  I am not saying that by following this list I have provided you will have free air conditioning or home heating, but you will see a difference.

$$$$ Here is a top 10 to Help Energy savings $$$$

1. Caulk, seal, or use weather stripping to plug air leaks.  Also, in the winter a visqueen layer over the windows can help tremendously- By following this easy tip you can save you money annually due to the fact that you are not providing heat or A/C to the whole neighborhood.  You wouldn’t leave your front door open in the winter would you?

2. Annual maintenance of your heating and cooling systems is necessary.  Heating and cooling you home can cost the average homeowner several thousand dollars a year.  Furnace clean and checks can increase the efficiency of the unit back up to the standard it was when new.  By having a reputable HVAC contractor perform annual maintenance you can save money and not put your gas up the chimney and keep it to heat the home.  Not having your burners cleaned every year a layer of dirt builds up and thus performance decreases.  This performance decrease can be up to 30% loss.

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3. Install a programmable thermostat in your home.  By the installation of this thermostat you never have to change the temperature of the home when you know there will be no one there.  If you work M-F 9-5 there is no reason to keep you home at 70 degrees.  By maintaining at 60-65ºF for eight hours a day when no one is home you will cut the heating bill by as much as 10 percent annually.  A good Chicago air conditioning contractor can install one very quickly, thus saving you your hard earned cash for years to come.

4. Seal and insulate heating ducts.  When homes were switched from old monster units in the basement the ductwork transition had to be made.  In most cases this is done very shoddy and air leaks out of the seams which loses heat needed to heat the home.  In most states insulating the duct work and sealing it is not code, and it is generally not done.  By insulating and sealing the ductwork the homeowner is not losing all of the heat before it gets to the register and giving a more efficient system to the home.

5. Insulate!!!  Most homes in Chicago and its neighborhoods have very poor insulation, if any at all.  Just a simple layer of insulation in the attic can dramatically decrease heat loss through the roof.  Hot Air rises remember that.  There are also may other options like blown in insulation and plastic wrapping, but if you’re a DIY type person a few rolls of insulation would be a very easy and cheap fix.

6. if you have a fireplace close the dampers when not in use.  Also along these lines wold be to turn off any kitchen stove exhaust hood and bathroom exhaust when not in use.

7. Let the sun shine in.  When the Romans built their cities they always had in mind which way to face the homes for different seasons.  In the northern hemisphere having the front of the home face south gives you good heating in the winter wen the sun is low in the sky, and the sun is above the home in the summer so the sun doesn’t come in through the windows and heat the home up.

8.Lower the water heater’s thermostat to a lower temperature.  By doing this you can lower 10% to 15% of your water heating bill over the year!  Also, if you are out of town put your water heater to the vacation mode.

9. Install storm windows over single-pane windows.  Storm windows can easily reduce heat loss in a home, since most of heat loss it through windows and door openings.  Thermal windows can save tons of cash also due to their high energy efficiency rating.  Energy Efficient energy star rated windows with Argon between the panes can pay for themselves in energy savings within a few years.

10. Be conscious of what you are doing in the home.  Close door when not entering or leaving, make sure all windows are properly seated and locked.  Use extra blankets at night and keep the heat lower.  Things like this add up and save $$$$$

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