A/C in West Loop Home Needs Repair

Air Conditioner in West Loop home needs repair…

but not sure of what the problem is?  Call Gremillion Mechanical at 773-234-4575, and hire the best air conditioning repair service for any neighborhood in Chicago.  Gremillion Mechanical has over 20 years of experience in the repair of a/c systems and at a very competitive cost.  We offer two hour appointment windows for you convenience.

The problems that affect a/c units from cooling homes in the West Loop area of Chicago vary from home to home.  Some factors that determine the ability of the air conditioning system to function normally are the age of the a/c unit, size of a/c unit, size of furnace, size of duct work, condition of both units, condition of duct work and this is just to name a few.  There are many sub components to your air conditioning system and any of them could cause you to have a uncomfortable home in West Loop area in the hot Chicago summer.  Today we will talk about the condensing fan motor and it’s function in the a/c system.

This is the basic idea behind your West Loop homes air conditioning system.  It shows the air conditioner outside your home pulling cool air through the condensing coil then discharging the now hot air back outside.  The component that performs this task is called the condenser fan and is turned by the condenser fan motor.

The part of the a/c that is outside your home (the condensing unit) is exposed the the harsh elements that the West Loop area of Chicago experience throughout the year.  Although the condenser fan motor is designed to deal with the weather, it can’t last forever.  Air conditioning unit manufacturers install safety components within the a/c unit so if the condenser fan motor fails, the unit automatically will shut off.  You may see or hear the a/c unit on the outside of your home running, but it won’t stay on long.  The freon that is used to remove the heat and humidity in your West Loop home has to be compressed from a gas into a liquid, this causes tremendous heat.  If your a/c unit is fairly new, it needs to remove a lot of the heat generated by the compression cycle and if the condenser fan motor is not working it can’t remove the heat.  This will cause high pressures and temperatures inside of the copper lines that run into your home and will stop the air conditioner from running.

Gremillion Mechanical will be able to diagnose this problem quickly and replace the motor for you to get your home cool.  So don’t delay, call 773-234-4575 and talk with the experts at Gremillion Mechanical to get you and your family living in the West Loop cool and comfortable.

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