Air Conditioner Not Working in River North

Air Conditioner not working in River North

and it’s that time of year.  You turn on your air conditioner and all you get is hot air blowing from the vents.  The River North area of the city is not immune to the failure of the a/c system to work the first time you need it.  The reasons range from a tripped circuit breaker to a bad compressor.


Gremillion Mechanical is located in Chicago to serve the different neighborhoods within our city.  After a long winter in River North area, many people forget to change the furnace air filter for air conditioning season.  Even if your a/c system works otherwise, a dirty enough furnace air filter can cause a lot of problems.


 Gremillion Mechanical has the experience to diagnose this minor but very important part of the air conditioning system quickly saving you money.  When the furnace filter becomes dirty, it stops air from circulating throughout your home.  Sometimes, the evaporator coil that is in the furnace after the furnace filter will get dirty and clogged from not changing the air filter enough.  Gremillion Mechanical always has the proper diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately repair a/c problems in the River North area when we are called for help.

The furnace air filter is a very inexpensive item to replace for the homeowner, but could be very costly if you need a professional to change it in the River North area, and then repair the damage it caused to the system.

The furnace air filter can cause damage to the a/c condensing unit, indoor fan motor, indoor fan, evaporator coil not to mention the damage your electric bill does to your bank account.  Needless to say, Gremillion Mechanical is always available to come to your home when you call, but save yourself some money and check your furnace air filter before you call us.  Remember to turn off your furnace before trying to remove or replace the air filter.  You should never work on any component that has electrical power to it, always turn the power off before you start work.

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