Gold Coast Air Conditioner Old but Reliable?

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Gold Coast A/C is old but reliable…

or at least it has been in the past.  Gremillion Mechanical, a licensed and insured contractor in Chicago and Chicago’s best heating and cooling repair service.  ”All it needs is a little freon” is a common saying when we receive a call from the Gold Coast area of Chicago.  ”We have it charged every year and it works fine” is another one the technicians at Gremillion Mechanical hear.

Unfortunately, one day that old air conditioning unit in the Gold Coast area of Chicago will not make it.  The units produced today are a lot more electrically efficient at cooling your Gold Coast home.  Call 773-234-4575 today for Gremillion Mechanical to dispatch an experienced HVAC technician to your Gold Coast home and inspect your old a/c unit.  New air conditioning units can pay for themselves in the money you save on electricity in as little as two years.  Gremillion Mechanical has the tools and knowledge to tell you if it’s time to replace your old a/c unit.

Last week, one of our technicians was sent on just this type of call  ”We just need some freon put into our a/c unit, we have it done every year”.  Even though our technician informed the home owner that the air conditioning unit was over 20 years old, and adding enough freon to get the system to cool the home might break the old a/c unit, the home owner instructed our technician to “Just add the Freon”.  Gremillion Mechanical can only make suggestions to home owners and in the end they are the boss . We will do what is requested of us as long as it will not be of any hazard to anyone.

After the unit was charged with freon, it ran fine and started to cool the Gold Coast home down.  This lasted long enough for the technician from Gremillion Mechanical to get his tools to the truck and fill out the service invoice for the client.  When our technician went in to present the invoice to the home owner he walked past an air vent blowing warm air.  He examined the air conditioning condensing unit outside and found the cold freon that should be returning to the outside unit from inside the home was warm, this is not a good sign.  He hooked up his gages to the unit again and found the compressor valves had failed, the unit will not be cooling this Gold Coast home today.

This is very common in older a/c units in the Gold Coast area of Chicago.  Unfortunately things don’t last forever, but many times they get a lot better.  This of course is the case with air conditioning units.  Call 773-234-4575 to talk to a professional at Gremillion Mechanical.  We have the knowledge and experience to have your home nice and cool in the hot months that are just around the corner here in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

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