Old Town Home Getting Hot With a/C On

Living in Old Town and getting hot…

because the air conditioning unit is not working properly.  This is a common complaint the   team at Gremillion Mechanical hear every year at this time.  Unfortunately this is a problem   with many possible causes.  Gremillion Mechanical has experienced air conditioning repair technicians that will resolve any issue that your A/C may have.  Gremillion Mechanical has over 20 years of experience performing air conditioning repair in the neighborhoods of Chicago.  Call us today at 773-234-4575 for an appointment and get relief from the heat.

One of the reasons that air conditioning units in the Old Town area of Chicago fail to properly cool you home could be due to a dirty condensing coil.  This is the part of the A/C system that is outside of the home, usually in the back yard.  The coil removes heat from the freon that was produced by compressing the freon gas into a liquid.  When this component gets dirty it can not disperse the heat of compression and the pressure in the system rises and can cause major component failure.

The female cottonwood tree in the Old Town area produces the fluffy white seeds that seem to float on the wind every year in late spring to early summer.  These seeds are everywhere at this time of year and of course find their way into your air conditioner condensing coil.  Because the a/c condensing unit is designed to pull cool through the coil, it sucks those little fluffy seeds into the coil and stopping it from dissipating the required heat from the liquid freon.  This effectively hinders the performance of the unit to properly cool your home in Old Town.

Fortunately, Gremillion Mechanical is always here to help you any time you need us.  We will be able to clean the cottonwood seeds out of your air conditioner condensing unit in your home in Old Town and get your home cooled down before we leave.  Gremillion Mechanical offers two hour windows for your convenience.  We will work with you to find a time to come and fix your a/c problems and at a price you can afford.  Don’t be uncomfortable one minute longer, call 773-234-4575 now to have the Old Town area of Chicago leading air conditioning repair experts at Gremillion Mechanical help cool you down today!

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