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Having air conditioner problems on the first days of the cooling season?  This is a common problem forthe many residents in the Chicago land area, but don’t worry.  We are a professional heating and air conditioning contractor based out Chicago and specialize in repairing A/C units, and we do it fast and cost effective.  We can schedule a service call to your home in the South Loop and have you fixed immediately.  Call now and schedule a service call 773-234-4575

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Air conditioner repairs are a necessity for many homes and people all over the Midwest.  Temperatures reach the high 90′s and over and during these heat waves things can get dangerous to a families well being.  We understand this and can accommodate any air conditioning issue you may have.  For emergency service or a A/C maintenance call us at 773-234-4575

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The way that an air conditioning system works in Chicago homes is by passing air through a coil located above the furnace.  This removes heat and moisture in the air through the use of a refrigerant.  This refrigerant has different temperatures at different pressures.  At a high pressure it is a high temperature and low pressure it becomes cold.  The freon is moved through the system and compressed by the condensing units compressor.  After compression of the refrigerant it flows to the evaporator coil and the pressure change there creates the cooling effect for the air.

When the refrigerant is low in a system it can not maintaint the proper pressures for heat tranfer and cooling.  Low freon should never be the case in air conditioning systems.  This system is permanently seal and should never leak out.  So in the case that the refrigerant is low that means there is a leak in the system some where.


Gremillion Mechanical specializes in air conditioning system freon leak tests, and can determine where the leak is and make the proper repairs.  Many times it is in a fitting that can be re-brazed and fixed on the spot.  In other cases the leak can be in one of the two coils or compression fittings located in the system.  In any case we can confidently tell you that it can be fixed and we are the best at doing that.

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