Chicago Cooling Repair in the Lakeview & Lakeview East Area

In Chicago’s Lakeview & Lakeview East areas Cooling Repair is Tricky …


due to Lake Michigan, the weather in the Lakeview & Lakeview east area of Chicago is just crazy.  Just a few miles inland west of Lake Michigan it’s 85 degrees and sunny.  But in the Lakeview East area of Chicago’s north side, it’s 62 degrees and foggy.  This is Chicago though and the weather can change in a matter of hours from a nice 75 degree windy day into a 95 degreee + day with high humidity and the air is still.  This kind of weather is no stranger to the people that live in the Lakeview & Lakeview East areas and makes adjusting your residential cooling system fairly tricky.

Why are the experts at Gremillion Mechanical, Chicagos best heating & cooling contractor, talking about the weather?  Well, weather dictates the way we test your air conditioner to see if it working properly or not.  Outdoor air temperatures effect the heat transfer of the hot high pressure liquid freon to the atmosphere.  This transfer of heat is critical for proper and efficient function of any cooling unit in the Lakeview & Lakeview East area of Chicago.  The cooler temperatures cause the pressures in the cooling system to look like there is not enough freon in the system.  This may or may not be the case, but the expert technicians at Gremillion Mechanical understand this effect and have the knowledge to determine how to adjust your cooling system in these condition.

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Not all cooling repair companies serving the Chicago neighborhoods have technicians specifically trained in the local conditions that happen within our city.  Some companies are not even HVAC contractors but middle men that hire the cheapest contractor they can get to go to your home and work on your cooling system.  These web based companies have no training of their own but may send improperly trained people to service cooling units all over the Chicagoland area.  Gremillion Mechanical has over 30 years of combined experience in the service of all heating and cooling systems that are used in the Lakeview East area of Chicago.

Call 773-234-4575 today for your cooling repair in the Lakeview and Lakeview East areas of Chicago!

 Gremillion Mechanical has our service trucks ready and waiting for your call.  We have the expertise and equipment for any emergency cooling repair.  Call us today for Chicago’s best cooling repair contractor, we’ll get your home cooled down quickly and at a price you can afford.

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