Does Your Air Conditioner in Your Wicker Park Home in Chicago Need Freon Every Year?

Why does your Chicago Wicker Park home air conditioner need freon every year …

that’s a very good question.  In this post, the experts at Gremillion Mechanical will discuss the issue of freon leaking out of your Wicker Park home air conditioning system.  Residential cooling systems are sealed type systems, this means freon should never leak out.  The experts at Gremillion Mechanical, Chicago’s Wicker Park best A/C service company, work hard to completely seal all systems that we install and repair.  Leaks equal problems, and freon doesn’t do our atmosphere any good either.  There can be many reasons that a cooling system leaks freon every year. Some, like a schrader valve (just like your car tire inflation valve), being loose or dry rotted is an easy and not too expensive repair.  Other reasons like a small hole in the evaporator coil (the part inside your furnace) or condenser coil can be fairly costly repairs to have done.

 With over 40 years of combined experience, the technicians at Gremillion Mechanical have the knowledge to find and repair your Chicago’s Wicker Park home air conditioner when it is leaking freon.  Don’t be fooled by Internet companies who don’t do the work themselves, call Gremillion Mechanical at (773) 234-4575 and hire trained technicians to repair your air conditioning system.

Gremillion Mechanical believes that repairing the freon leak is the responsible thing to do for our clients and our planet. Although we will just add freon at the request of our clients, in the long run we find it counterintuitive.  We find and repair freon leaks in Wicker Park homes with quality service and affordable pricing.

Now let’s look at why freon leaks out of your homes system:

1) Improper installation – Holes in the line-set brazed connections, corrosion of freon carrying piping caused by contact with a dissimilar metal or organic material, overheating of rubber seals in components that are close to the point of brazing, over filling the freon system causing a weakly brazed joint to fail.

2) Age – Nothing can last forever, and the copper piping that carries the freon throughout the entire air conditioning system can fail.  Industrial manufacturing techniques are very good but the wall thickness varies and over time very small holes in the piping wall can develop, leaking freon.

3) Environmental – The condenser unit on the exterior of the home can become clogged with dirt, grass clippings, plant seeds, animal nests and other foreign objects.  This can cause improper heat transfer in the unit and raise operating pressure to the point of blowing an already weak piece of piping or marginal brazed connection to fail.

4) Animal – Since the exterior component of your cooling system is normally located on the ground, animals can and do urinate on the condensing unit.  This urine, depending on the animal responsible, can quickly corrode the freon carrying copper piping to the point of causing freon to leak out.

 Our firm is dedicated to doing what ever it takes to make sure your home is cool and comfortable for you and your family in the hot summer months ahead.  We offer 24/7 emergency service, highly trained technicians,   guaranteed work that lasts, unbeatable customer service and all at affordable pricing that is competitive with any company, real or internet based. Gremillion Mechanical is a licensed and insured HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) company that is right here in Chicago. Call (773) 234-4575 today and let Chicago’s Wicker Park best air conditioner repair technicians see what they can do for you and your family today.

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