Heating and Cooling Repair in Chicago Neighborhoods…

Heating and Cooling repair in Chicago neighborhoods during the summer

months can be frustrating.  It never fails, the air conditioning has worked just fine so far this year keeping the  house nice and cool.  You put the kids in bed, fall asleep reading a book and then wake-up in the middle of the night because your sweating in bed.  Your husband goes to the thermostat and sees that the cooling unit should be running.  He checks the furnace and the fan is running but it’s blowing warm air not cold.  You can hear the outside part of the air conditioning unit running and see the fan spinning.  Unfortunately, it’s very early Sunday morning and it’s going to be in the 90′s again.  You decide to wait till 8 or 9 o’clock to call for service in Chicago.

You have been trying to sleep since you woke up around 2:30 this morning but how can anyone sleep in this kind of heat.  To top it off, your master bedroom is on the third floor of your home.  This is a very common problem that the heating and cooling repair experts at Gremillion Mechanical (773) 234-4575 hear all the time.

You get out of your sweat drenched bed around 7:30 and start making calls for repair service on your home air conditioning unit and soon get frustrated by the run around your getting from the hvac contractors you’ve called.  They all advertise 24/7 service but they don’t have any available technicians to send to your home till Monday night or Tuesday morning at the earliest.  Your not alone, many people and their families have to be very uncomfortable waiting for days to get an air conditioning service company to arrive and fix the problem.  Although having your problem fixed during normal working hours ( 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday) lowers the cost of labor, you and your family are not going to be able to sleep in a home still in the 90′s.

Gremillion Mechanical (773) 234-4575 always goes the extra mile for it’s clients.  Even when everyone else is too busy to come and repair your air conditioning unit, we will find time to come and help.  We offer a two hour window of arrival to your home (even if it’s at night or on  the weekend) and will try our hardest to repair your cooling system in most Chicago neighborhoods.  We work with companies that will gladly open their doors for us to get parts for your cooling system repair 24/7/365.

Although when your really hot in your home you don’t want to hear ” You should have had an annual check-up on your air conditioning system” but it is the one way you might not be sweating now.  Many reputable mechanical companies offer an annual clean and check on both the heating and cooling systems in your home.  Properly trained HVAC technicians will be able to recognize parts that will fail.  The HVAC technician can not tell you when the part may fail, only that the part is operating within parameters that indicate that the part is operating abnormally.

When you call any air conditioning repair company, they should try to help you figure out if you can get it working yourself over the phone, till they can send a technician to your home.  Gremillion Mechanical will always walk you through the things you can check yourself to see if the unit can be made to run long enough to get you through till help can arrive.  We would ask you to check for yourself;

  • Circuit Breakers are on for the furnace and air conditioner
  • Switch on the side of the furnace is turned on
  • Thermostat is calling for cooling
  • Furnace filter is clean
  • Large copper line going to coil in the furnace is cold
  • A/C coil in furnace is not frozen
  • Fan in the furnace is running
  • Fan in unit outside is running
  • Air conditioner compressor running

These are some of the things you can check for yourself before calling for service and any reputable HVAC contractor should ask you before sending someone to your home for repair.

Although you may be able to get your air conditioning system running, it did not start for a reason.  Any time your equipment stops working you should have a professionally trained repair technician trouble shoot the problem.  If it failed once, it will fail again and next time you may not be able to get it started again.  Take our advice, if you like to have air conditioning in your home without the unexpected consequence of unit failure, call Gremillion Mechanical (773) 234-4575 today and have your cooling system clean and check scheduled.

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