Prevent Heating Problems During Chicago’s Severe Winter

The Farmers Almanac is saying this winter is going to be worse than last year, is your furnace ready?

Fall is a great time of year here in Chicago, mild temperatures and great color changes in the landscape around us.  Then comes the day that the forecast highs are only in the high 40′s/low 50′s.  You turn your furnace on, but after a while you don’t feel any warmer.  You turned the furnace on, right?  You check the vents but no air is coming out.  You go to the furnace and it’s not making any noise at all.  The furnace is not working and it won’t be until the end of the world.  You get the kids bundled up for bed and say good night, you’ll deal with this tomorrow.

The next morning, you call for a service technician to come and repair your furnace, but no one has an available time that you or your wife can be at home.  You can get someone at your home late night around 9:00 pm, but it will cost double the hourly rate and extra charges for getting the parts supply house to open it’s doors in the middle of the night.  You decide to have the furnace fixed the next day during normal hours, but that means taking off work for you or your wife.  You could have avoided this dilemma by having Gremillion Mechanical perform a furnace clean & check now while the weather is still nice.

The weather in Chicago today is nearing 80 degrees, but like the old saying goes, “if you don’t like the weather here in Chicago, stick around a day, it’ll change”.  The temperature here in Chicago at this time of the year could change downward by 50 or 60 degrees in a matter of a couple of days.  Since the winter is going to be about normal in temperature (that is still an average day time high of about 10 degree above zero in January), the precipitation looks like it’s going to be greater than normal.  being without heat, socked in by snow and outside air temperatures getting down to around zero, this is a recipe for disaster and could be life threatening.

Last year hundreds of people were stuck on Lake Shore Drive and had to abandon their vehicles.  Being that most people don’t have survival gear in there car, many people had to be rescued by police and fire departments from their cars.

During storms such as this 2011 example, our service vehicles are as vulnerable as everyone else’s are.  We can’t get our vehicles to people’s homes to repair their heating systems.  It’s not that we don’t try, but many of our customers might have to wait until the roads are clear enough for us to dispatch service to their home.

Gremillion Mechanical can help you make sure that you don’t have cold days and nights this winter by providing a “Furnace clean & check” service on your heating system today.  By having a “clean & check” done at this time of year can help to make sure that your family stays warm and comfortable this winter.

Minimum furnace clean & check service provided by any heating repair contractor should include (but is not limited to);

  • Burner cleaning
  • Burner compartment cleaning
  • Gas manifold pressure
  • Heat exchanger (burner compartment) cleaning
  • Blower compartment cleaning
  • Function test (run full heating cycle)
  • Flue gas test
  • Examine furnace air filter
  • Measure blower motor power usage
  • Measure inducer motor power usage
  • Air pressure drop across evaporator coil (checks for possible air side clogged coil)
  • Inlet and discharge temperatures
Almost any heating contractor will offer this service and these are just minimum requirements for a clean & check of your furnace.  Don’t worry if you have a boiler, there is procedures for boiler clean & checks too.

It may (or may not) make sense to you right now about having your furnace checked while it’s so nice outside.  When it does get cold, and it will, do you really want to have to wait till tomorrow or the next day or maybe even the next day for someone to fix your furnace?  While you wait for repair, your plumbing pipes could freeze and then rupture, you and your family are cold and have to stay somewhere else where it is warm for a few days, canned food in your home could freeze, and many other problems related to the inside of your home being at or below 32 degrees for extended periods of time may occur.

Although a furnace clean & check can’t guaranty if a part will fail in the future, it does allow a trained service technician to examine your furnace and see if all parts function properly while they are there.  Some component parts do have some tell tail signs of failure,but most don’t.  Sometimes, our service technicians run into unit component parts that can not be replaced if they fail because they don’t make the part anymore.  This would be a very bad thing to find out in the middle of winter after the furnace stopped working and can’t be fixed.

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