Chicago / Lincoln Park Furnace Water Damage

I was in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago for a service call yesterday. the customer had a problem with the burners lighting properly. Gremillion Mechanical had installed this unit the year before, and in my opinion it was not an installation problem but the unit had been flooded with water.

This past summer in Chicago was pretty wet, I mean it rained a lot for Chicago.  This year we have had record breaking rain totals causing havoc with the city’s storm sewers, unfortunately this means flooded basements throughout the Chicago area neighborhoods.  The water causes many issues for homeowners, mold, mildew and broken appliances.  If you were smart enough, you turned off the power (or ComEd lost power in your neighborhood) to your furnace and let it totally dry out before you turned the power back on.  Your air conditioner worked after that so you forget about it.  Now it’s heating season and your furnace is not working.

The furnace just has to turn the fan on when you call for air conditioning, the heating cycle is what the furnace is really designed for.  Newer furnaces have a circuit board that replaces many of the separate controls that are needed to safely produce the heat for your home.  This board controls the heating cycle and acts as the brain for the furnace.  The circuit board may have worked for cooling, but will not work for heating (a lot more of the board functions is needed for heating).  Even if this circuit board works, there are many parts that have not moved since last heating season.

Some of the other parts of your furnace that might not work after the unit has been flooded are,

  • Draft inducer motor
  • Draft inducer blower
  • Pressure switch
  • Gas burners
  • Gas valve
  • Gas pilot
  • Gas igniter
  • Pilot safety
  • Flame roll out safety
  • High temperature safety
  • Condensing heat exchanger
This of course is a simplified view of a modern furnace, but this diagram gives you a fairly good idea of the parts that all need to work together to heat your home.  Gremillion Mechanical writes articles like this to give the homeowner some idea of how their equipment operates.  It is not intended as a “how to” or “DIY” guide, but is for information only.  Please, if you have a furnace that is not working and you have done the things like making sure the breaker and switch on the side of the furnace are on and thermostat is set to heating, call for professional help.
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