Wicker Park Home in Chicago Needs Boiler Repair Technician Now!

This cry for help is heard every winter by the people at Gremillion Mechanical.  No one expects the boiler in their home to be working one minute and the the next day there is water all over the place.  This happen more often than you might think.

The real problem is when things are working, we forget to have the maintenance done that keeps it running.  I don’t understand why, but people with boilers don’t think they need to have their boiler cleaned and checked before the heating season starts.  ”It worked last year when we shut it off” is another saying heard a lot by our techs.  Although it’s very important to have your furnace maintained yearly, but boilers are made with heat transfer sections that were cast not stamped and welded.  This means that the metal heat exchanger has a surface that isn’t smooth to the touch, but works well.  For this reason, the heat exchanger in a boiler will collect more dust in the months it’s not in use, thus the need for yearly maintenance.

Boilers can and are typically used in multi-family dwellings but are used in single family home as well, but all have some common components.  Gremillion Mechanical is providing this article for informational use and is not intended be a do it yourself or how to guide.  Please, always stay within your comfort level when performing any work on your heating system and hire professionals to perform work were they are needed.  This is especially important when working with hot water or steam that will severely burn you.  The piping is hot enough to hurt you and if you opened the system to the atmosphere, you could be sprayed with water hot enough to sterilize most things.

There are many different applications for hot water boilers, and some systems can be very complex.  In this article we will concentrate on the workings of a single family homes hot water heating system.  First, let’s look at the basic components all hot water heating systems will have and these include:

  • Power
  • Flue inducer fan & motor
  • Heat exchanger
  • Over pressure relief safety
  • Gas valve or electric heating element
  • Fuel source
  • Fuel piping & safeties

This is just some of the basic parts in a residential boiler. The boiler gets the water hot for heating your home, the piping system is what delivers the hot water around your home to heat it.  Piping systems can also be very complex but all have:

  • Source of hot water (boiler)
  • Piping system to mover hot water to differant areas of sructure to be hated
  • Pump to circulate the hot water through the piping system
  • Devices to transfer heat energy from system to space (radiators)
  • Isolation / Balancing valves
  • Temperature control
  • Expansion tank
  • Air vents
All of the above components are used in even the simplest of hydronic heating systems.  The purpose of this information is to show just how much is involved in the heating of a home with hot water.  Please call Gremillion Mechanical at 773-234-4575 for your boiler clean and check today.  We’ll keep you and your family warm and cozy all winter long.
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