Central Station Furnace / Boiler Heating Repair Has Seen Many …

changes over the course of development.  These changes are both good and bad depending on who you are and exactly where you live in this area.

Don’t be fooled by Central Station furnace / boiler heating repair companies who are not licensed contractors

Always ask the person who answers the phone if they are the licensed mechanical contractor in this state. You should also ask if they are the same company that will show up at your home or will another company service your equipment.  The internet provides great anonymity to people who own heating and air conditioning repair sites that are not contractors themselves.  These sites answer the phone as though they are contractors and in one way they are, they contract out the work you receive to the lowest bidder that makes them the most money.  They are sent to your home to service your equipment and may not be licensed contractors or may not have proper training themselves.  They have a great looking web site, but with very little real content to help their clients.  These sites are designed and maintained to optimize their ranking on the majors search engines.  If the company you call for heating repair is not the contractor that will service your home, hang up!  If something goes wrong and you have issues with the repair or installation, who is going to stand by the work?  Will they perform the warranty work?  Will they keep returning to your home without charge till you are satisfied with the repair or installation?

Chicago’s Central Station furnace / boiler heating repairs premier contractor

is Gremillion Mechanical.  We are a licensed and insured mechanical contractor with the State of Illinois and Chicago.  We have designed our website to be of great help to anyone who chooses to read our articles.  We write articles ad list them in a tab on our site header as “Expert Advice” to address the mechanical failures that are common to residential furnaces, boilers and air conditioning units in and around the Chicago land area.  Our 40+ years of combined experience in the service and installation of both residential and commercial mechanical systems provides a plethora of information that we try use to help educate the general public for free.  When we answer the phone, even if the person on the other end in not an existing client of ours, we talk them through some basic checks they can perform while we are on the phone.  Our experience shows us that many of the problems mechanical systems have are easily fixed by the homeowner themselves.  This is not to say that there is no need for our service, but if someone turns the user switch off (looks like a light switch on the side of your furnace) the furnace or boiler will not work.  Sure we could make more money, but by providing unrivaled customer service we have clients who are happy and will tell their friends about us.

Costly mechanical repairs are getting harder and harder to deal with. 

Unfortunately, the hard economic times that our country is experiencing might  make the repair of your mechanical equipment financially even harder to cope with then normal.  Gremillion Mechanical provides our clients with the most cost effective repairs by being highly and continuously trained in the newest equipment, along with older systems.  It’s easy to overlook the cause of a problem and just deal with the effect.  Our technicians are trained to look at the cause of the failure, not just replace the bad part and move on.  Many times the cause is not addressed and the problem will return and cost the owner more money to repair.  Resolving the root cause of any failure eliminates the failure of the same part in the near future.

Gremillion Mechanical’s philosophy is that it’s better to help our clients do as much as they can themselves.  This helps to keep their repair bill to a minimum.  Of course some people don’t what to or just don’t have the time to try themselves to fix the issue with their equipment.  Gremillion Mechanical will of course dispatch one of our highly and continuously trained technicians to their residence and resolve the issue for them.

People who are looking for a experienced, licensed, insured mechanical contractor and who live in the Central Station district of Chicago call Gremillion Mechanical more and more.

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