The Kenwood Area of Chicago Air Conditioning Repair, a/C Service

to this area is like many others in the greater Chicagoland area.  Gremillion Mechanical has the honor of servicing many of the magnificent historical homes that are located in this area of Chicago.  Unfortunately, many of these homes have been serviced by companies other than Gremillion Mechanical and have air conditioning issues.

The Kenwood area of Chicago A/C Repair, Air Conditioning Service season is almost upon us.

We are already starting to receive calls from our existing clients to schedule yearly air conditioner clean & checks on their units.  This is a prudent move by these homeowners because by calling for service now they guaranty their homes will be comfortable when the cooling season begins.  Gremillion Mechanical provides the Kenwood area in Chicago with the best service at reasonable rates and can provide references in the neighborhood if requested.

10 % discount on all air conditioning clean & check for the Kenwood area of Chicago till April 30, 2012!

From now till the April 30, 2012, Gremillion Mechanical is offering this discount for all our clients whether it’s for a new high efficiency air conditioner or a 30 year old system.  By only dispatching highly and continuously trained field technicians to service your home, we provide you with the best and most affordable service in the Chicagoland area.  During this limited time, we are offering our top of the line cooling system clean & check at 10% off.  We offer two hour service windows and work with you if you can’t be at home during our normal weekday hours (8 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday) by offering weekend and after hours service (premium rates apply).  We are usually able to send a trained technician to your home within 24 hours of your call for service, unless it’s an emergency due to health issues and then of course we will dispatch someone immediately.

Does your Kenwood area of Chicago home’s air conditioner really need to be repaired?

When you call for service, whoever answers the phone for Gremillion Mechanical will ask you what the issue you are having and will guide you through simple diagnostic tests before we dispatch a technician to your home.  We also like to use these articles to educate our customers in basic diagnostic tests that most homeowners can perform themselves.  Of course all this costs us money, if you fix your problem we have no service call to perform.  Our philosophy on customer service includes helping our clients through this time of economic strife as much as we can.  Our firm is a family owned and operated company based in the McKinley Park area and understands the hardship that the economy has created.

That being said, before you call us for a/c repair service check:

  1. Check the thermostat to see if it is on and set to cooling with the temperature setting low enough to turn the a/c unit on
  2. Check the circuit breakers, for the furnace and air conditioning condensing unit, to make sure they are in the on position.  Sometimes breakers look like they are in the on position but they may be tripped, you can push the breaker switch to the outside of the circuit breaker panel and then push it back towards the center of the panel.  All U.S. circuit breakers turn the power off when the breaker switch is moved away from the center of the panel and is live (power on) or hot when the breaker switch is in the center of the panel.  Your breakers may have an indicator color to also help in determining if the power is on to that breaker or not, green is on and hot, red is off.
  3. Check the user switch on the side of the furnace.  This looks like a light switch on the side of the furnace and provides power to the furnace and sends power to a component inside the a/c condensing unit on the outside of your home called a contactor.  The furnace also provides the circulation fan to distribute cool air into your home.
  4. If your air conditioner is running but not cooling down your home, check to see if the fan inside the a/c unit (outside) is running.  If it is running, feel the copper lines that run into the home from the a/c unit that is outside.  Be careful because the small copper line may be pretty hot, but the large copper line should be cold and sweating.

Beyond these tests, the homeowner is going to have to call for service.  These tests are to avoid having our clients paying for us to turn on a switch or set the thermostat to cooling.  Even if you find the issue yourself, you still need to repair the problem.  Gremillion Mechanical does not sell repair parts to the general public.

We believe in helping people keep their repair bill to a minimum, but some people think it will save them money if they buy the parts themselves.  You may try to purchase the parts yourself over the internet and have a company install the part for you but very few contractors will do this.  When the part doesn’t work or fix the problem you are having, who is responsible?  Our policy is that we will install parts bought by the homeowner but will not provide any guaranty or warranty for the part installed whether or not it works to resolve the problem you may have.  You will also have to sign a waiver of responsibility stating the same.

Gremillion Mechanical will always try to help their clients keep their repair bills to a minimum by providing the best possible service with highly trained technicians, highly motivated support staff and high quality work.

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