Chicago Heating Repair Season Is Upon Us, Are You Ready?

Well it’s here, the Chicago heating season has begun and Gremillion Mechanical is here to help our clients save money by giving useful tips on keeping your repair bills to a minimum.

Before it gets too cold, lets go over some things that you the home owner can do to prevent unnecessary furnace repairs this winter season.  Remember, stay within your comfort zone and call us if you need help with anything.  Our firm can always come to your home and perform a clean & check of your furnace and is suggested for all home owners in our service area.

The following article is for informational use only and is not intended as a “how to” guide.  Gremillion Mechanical provides this information to help people understand the basic functions of their mechanical system and it’s components.  Please remember that we are highly trained professionals at what we do and always stay within your own level of skill while trying to fix or repair you own equipment.  Gremillion Mechanical accepts no responsibility for any malfunction a home owner might cause to his/her own mechanical system by following these tips.

  1. Turn your thermostat to off (heat/off/cool)
  2. If your comfortable doing so, turn the user switch off (looks like a light switch and should be attached to the furnace)
  3. Inspect the furnace filter, if dirty replace it
  4. If your comfortable doing so, remove the furnace door covering the burner compartment
  5. If your comfortable doing so, take a damp (not wet) cloth and wipe away all dust in & around the furnace cabinet (don’t allow the cloth to be so wet that water comes off the cloth, this might cause electrical issues or shorts the electrical system in the furnace).  This gives you an opportunity to inspect the furnace for burnt wires, loose or disconnected components, or other apparent problems.  Make sure to not unplug or remove any wiring in this compartment and if it does happen, stop and replace the wire or what ever has become disconnected immediately.  On some furnaces, the gas valve has a on/off switch and if the unit doesn’t run after you performing this work, check the gas valve switch to make sure it’s on
  6. Don’t try to remove the burners yourself, call professionals for this step
  7. Replace the furnace door
  8. Turn the user switch on
  9. Turn the thermostat to heat and raise the desired temperature 5 degrees above the ambient temperature to turn heat on
  10. If this is the first time the furnace has run this year expect to smell something funny coming from the vents, this is just dust being burned off the heat exchanger in the furnace and should go away within a few cycles of the system.  If your really concerned, call us 773-234-4575 and we will determine if we need to schedule an appointment to come to your home
  11. Turn the thermostat to 1 degree above the ambient air temperature and let the furnace shut down on it’s own
  12. If your furnace turns on, then shuts down with thermostat control your furnace is OK for now.

Gremilion Mechanical is always here to help you when your really need help.  Our clients (even non-clients) are always welcome and encouraged to look at the EXPERT ADVICE tab on our website before calling us (or any mechanical service company) for repair.  We have written many articles that are very useful and have saved people a lot of money by reading an article and finding that the problem could be simply repaired by the home owner.  Of course not all issues con be fixed by the home owner and require real professionals to deal with it, we are of course always ready to dispatch one of our highly trained technicians to your home ASAP.

When you call Gremillion Mechanical we will try to talk you through some simple trouble shooting techniques to see if you really need professional help or not.  Many times we can resolve your problem by just talking to you on the phone.  We don’t want to flip a switch or turn a valve then have to charge you for something you can do for yourself.

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