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Furnace / Boiler Clean and Check, Chicago Residential and Commercial Properties. Quality heating and air conditioning repair technicians in Chicago are hard to come by.  When customers choose us they can have comfort in the fact that we provide fast, reliable, and cost effective air conditioning and heating services.  Weather it is new installations, maintenance or repairs we guarantee that our work will be top notch.


Diagram of basic gas fired furnace

Home Furnace / Boiler  Cleaning and Maintenance If you have been putting off the having Maintenance performed on your heating system, then call Gremillion Mechanical today before the cold really hits.  In some cases, the heating system can be permanently damaged from lack of care and before you know it a full system replacement is needed.

Quality Matters, It’s Your Home and Family You can trust that the technicians at Gremillion Mechanical will thoroughly inspect, clean, check and tune your furnace, so your family can rest assured that you will have warm air coming out of your vents during the cold Chicago winter months ahead.


Gremillion Mechanical is a professional heating and air conditioning contractor serving Chicago and its suburbs with over thirty years of experience.  For quality Furnace / Boiler sales, service, and installations please feel free to contact us at 773-234-4575.

Direct vent, gas fired boiler

We have the know how to get your system up and running like new again in no time.  Some heating and cooling companies claim to work on hydronic systems and have no idea what they are looking at when they get there.  A simple problem like an expansion tank issue has them stumped and since it has no power running to it, they can’t find what is wrong.  That’s not to say that we can fix every system we are called to work on, but we try our hardest to give you the best possible options at the best possible price and will always have an answer to your boiler heat repair problem.

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