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My name is Joseph R. Lewis. I am an HVAC repair technician specializing in furnace repair. And also, I’m a writer and an author of a dozen books for kids and teenagers, which I wrote for my grandchildren.
You may be surprised by this “technician and children’s writer” combination. For me, it has been a perfectly natural duo, though!

Since I was a boy, there were two things I loved most in my life (after chocolate cakes, of course): listening to the stories my mom read to me and working with my dad in his workshop (he was a car mechanic).

As a schoolboy, I liked to think of myself as a future writer. I wanted to see my name on book covers and give my books to my friends as presents. Yet, over time, I started to realize that the path of a professional writer is probably not the right path for me. I realized the financial risks of this path, too. Also, I felt that if I choose this path, I will probably have to forget about the “technician/mechanic” side of myself, which of course did not seem a good idea.
So, I chose the lifestyle that combined both my favorite activities and thus fitted me.

In 1972, I started with an HVAC technician apprenticeship in Asheville, North Carolina, which is my hometown. Also, I enrolled in a two-year training program in a local vocational training school. In two years and a half, I was already a certified HVAC repair and maintenance tech and started to grow my client base.
As soon as I made sure I had a steady income, I started to dedicate time to my second favorite activity, writing. For me, it was more of a hobby than a profession, so I did not limit myself with restrictions, deadlines, etc. I’ve experimented with a variety of genres and styles, from writing to local papers to horror stories and fairy tales. It turned out, the latter was the most suitable genre for me.

The largest part of my day was dedicated to the HVAC repair job, though. For more than four decades, I’ve fixed thousands of furnaces and air conditioners. New makes and models appeared, new technologies came and went. I regularly enrolled in training programs and courses to keep up with the changing industry. In 2005, I moved to Chicago with my wife.

In 2017, I retired, and it is now only rarely that I help someone with furnace repair (typically a very old client or a good friend of mine). What’s even more important, I’ve got two grandchildren, Monica, 3 years old, and Mike, 6 years old, whom I can read my stories and for whom I write.

When talking about my favorite genres, I’ve forgotten about blog posts. In 2018, I started sharing my experience with HVAC repair in various blogs and forums and eventually started my blog, ChicagoHeating-Repair.Com.

Here, I write about things I’ve learned during more than four decades of experience. You can find information on various topics relating to installing, maintaining, or repairing furnaces, including error codes. It’s my hope this blog can eventually become a kind of community forum to share information.,

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