Bryant Furnace Troubleshooting

Bryant furnaces are widely used in the commercial life today. What shall you do if you got such furnaces and realize it malfunctions? Check if this guide can become a solution for you. It gives the step-by-step instructions on how to fight the problems. It means that such manual introduces the easy way of dealing the repair.

For Insufficient Airflow:• Check for dirty air filter(s).
• Check for blocked return-air or supply-air grilles throughout your home. Ensure they are open and unobstructed.
If problem still exists, call your dealer for service
If Furnace Fails to Operate:Follow this checklist step by step, advancing to the next step only if furnace fails to start.
• Check thermostat for proper temperature. Is thermostat set above room temperature?
• Is thermostat set on HEAT?
• Check fuses and circuit breakers. Is electrical supply on?
• Is manual shutoff valve in gas supply pipe in open position? (Follow start-up procedures if you open gas valve.)
NOTE: Turn off electrical supply before continuing with checklist.
• Is control switch on gas valve in ON position? (Follow startup procedures if you must reset switch to ON position.)
• Check manual reset flame rollout switch located on the burner box. If furnace has experienced high temperature conditions, this switch will shut off the furnace. Reset it by pushing the button on the switch. If it trips again, shut down the furnace and call for service.
• Check for obstructions around the vent termination outside the structure.
If the furnace still fails to operate, call your service representative. For your convenience, record the furnace product and serial numbers on back page. Should you ever require service, you will have ready access to the information needed by your service representative.
This furnace has a light-emitting-diode (LED) status code display to aid the installer, service technician, or homeowner while installing or servicing the unit. The LED code can be seen by removing the main furnace door and viewing the LED through the view port in the blower access panel.
Call service