Haier Furnace Error Codes

Haier HB Series Furnace Error Codes

HeartbeatControl has 24 VAC power
2 FlashesPressure switch did not open, check for obstructed pressure tubing
3 FlashesPressure switch did not close, or re-opened- Check for: excessive wind, proper vent size, defective inducer motor, low inducer voltage, defective pressure switch, inadequate combustion air supply, disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing, low inlet gas pressure, restricted vent, condensate clogged
4 FlashesLimit circuit fault-a limit or flame rollout is open. Check for: restricted vent, proper vent sizing, loose blower wheel, excessive wind, dirty filter, defective blower motor, defective switch or connections, inadequate combustion air supply
5 FlashesAbnormal flame proving signal-Flame is proved while gas valve is de-energized. Check for: leaky gas valve, stuck open qas valve
6 FlashesFailure to ignite or flame sense lost while running. Check for: Flame sensor must not be grounded, low inlet gas pressure, oxide buildup on flame sensor,
Manual valve shut off, proper flame sense microamps, gas valve defective or gas valve turned off, defective hot surface iqniter, control qround continuity,
Inadequate flame carryover or rough ignition, green/yellow wire MUST be connected to furnace sheet metal.
7 FlashesLimit circuit lockout- Lockout occurs if the limit or flame rollout is open longer than 3 minutes. Control will auto reset after 3 hours. Refer to #4
8 FlashesGas heating lockout-Control will NOT auto reset. Check for: mis-wired gas valve, defective control valve
10 FlashesPolarity-Line voltage, polarity reversed. If twinned, refer to twinning kit instructions.

Haier HG95E09020B Furnace Error Codes

Problem Solution
Rapid LED:Incorrect 24 Volt Phasing.
1 Flash:Flame with Gas Off.
2 Flash:Pressure Switch Stuck Closed.
3 Flash:Pressure Switch Stuck Open.
4 Flash:High Limit Switch Open.
5 Flash:Rollout Switch Open.
6 Flash:Lockout Caused By Pressure Switch.
7 Flash:Lockout Caused By No Ignition.
8 Flash:Lockout Caused By Loss Of Flame.
9 Flash:115 Volts AC Power Leads Reversed.
11 Flash:Broken Rollout Wire.