Rheem gas furnace error codes

Rheem is a well-known home appliance manufacturer, which also produces furnaces that are intende for home use. The most advanced models feature a control function, which switches on a blinking LED light in case it detects a problem. The light makes a certain number of blinks depending on the type of issue, so that owners know where to look for one.

Rheem gas furnace error codes

One Blink

If you see the LED light blink one time with a two-second pause, there is a one-hour lockout. The furnace will not turn on during this hour. Lockout takes plase whan there is a dangerous situation resulting from, for example, a failed ignition sequence. In turn, an ignition sequence can signify a serious and potentially dangerous issue like a gas leak. In any event, this error requires a professional check. In some cases, the problem occurs due to a glitch and can be solved through a reset. However, safety is paramount, so please, have your furnace checked professionally.

Two Blinks

The light blinking twice with a two-second pause indicates an released pressure switch. The switch should open/close depending on the pressure in your Rheem furnace’s ventilation system. Default pressure settings are defined by the manufacturer. The switch should be open when ignition starts, and it should close slightly into the ignition process. The light will blink if it fails to close. This can be caused by different factors, for example, if the switch is faulty or there is a blockage in the vent.

Three/Four Blinks

If there are three blinks followed by a two-second pause, the limit switch is closed. Normally, the switch stops operation when there is a threat of overheat. It happens when the heat exchanger gets blocked and won’t let a sufficient amount of air through. This may be due to a blockage in the filter or blower fan.

Four blinks followed by a two-second pause indicate that the pressure switch is closed, while the furnace is in a mode, when it should be open. Most likely, the switch is stuck, or there is a blockage in the draft inducer’s tubes.

Other Light Codes

There are Rheem furnaces, which can be ‘twinned’, i. e. used together and sharing a thermostat or duct network. This applied to furnaces of the same model and make. Household owners choose to twin turnaces when a large area needs to be heated, and there is no opportunity to install a large furnace. If there is a setup problem, there will be five blinks followed by a two-second pause.

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